Matter, is that

Iván Estrada

noviembre 3 - abril 27

The exhibition is the beginning of a project that shows processes, studies and pieces as a result of a research to the matter and introspection around scenarios and objects in continuous contact from childhood to the present. Reviewing the visual properties that different objects and spaces have been generating on the self-interest that has developed around art and taken to its most abstract form. Recognizing the chemical structures of the materials and the molecular geometry of the objects involved has become part of the research process; to understand how the elements are linked and the form that they adopt over time making them recognizable at the moment.

Always with a balance between the industrial and the natural, the work shows how these two concepts seek to be a part of each other or even return to a brute state. The elements seek to be there and persist, although in the end nature shows exotic visual states, we see how they converge on and in space, becoming an acceptable image to the viewer. The memories of childhood games are a key point in the development of the pieces and also the direct reference of the material components used in visual work. When the works are shown they try to preserve the most recurrent geometric shapes that appear in the scenarios of the primary memories that can be accessed.

Curated by

Omar López-Chahoud