Isa Carrillo

Guadalajara, Mexico | 1982

Her artistic production is profoundly influenced by mysticism notions. In her artistic work she builds new stories from collecting other people memories. Based on the exploration of graphology, palmistry, astrology, numerology, the use of the pendulum and oracles as the I-ching, which she use as tools, is that her work proposes other way to signify experiences.


She has attended workshops and seminars on Contemporary Art Theory and Philosophical studies related to this medium. Exhibited individually and collectively in Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City, Museum of Painters in Oaxaca, Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ), Museum of the City of Guadalajara, Forum for Art and Culture, Ex Convento del Carmen, Cultural Modern Art Center, Sala Juarez, TRAMA Center, Museum-Studio Clemente Orozco, among others.


She was a fellow of the Young Artists Program 2009-2010 issued by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CECA) 2013-2014 and recently won a grant of the Incentives Program to Creation, and Artistic Development (PECDA) 2015-2016 in Jalisco, Mexico.




Bachelor degree in Visual Arts. Guadalajara University. Guadalajara, Mexico.


grants, awards and residences


Recipient of the grant Incentives Program of Creation and Artistic Development (PECDA), Jalisco, Mexico.

PAOS Residency Program. Clemente Orozco Museum Studio, Guadalajara, Mexico.


Beneficiary of PROYECTA Program, from Secretary of Culture in Jalisco, Mexico, for the publication of the book “Out of the World’s Affairs”.


Recipient of the grant State Council for Culture and Arts (CECA), Jalisco, Mexico.


Recipient of the grant Young Creators 2009-2010, by the National Funding for Culture and Arts (FONCA). Mexico.


solo shows



Left Hand. Museum Studio Clemente Orozco. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Eternity in an Hour. Cultural Center Jesus Gonzalez Gallo, Antique Railway Station. Chapala, Mexico.


One Obtains the Path: Out of the World’s Affairs. Art Museum of Zapopan, Mexico.


Glosas. 5pm Gallery;  Zapopan, Mexico.


I Wanna be Pop-Pular. Arts and Culture Forum, Guadalajara, Mexico.


Three Spheres. Lyceum of Science and Arts. Guadalajara, Mexico.


group shows (selection)



Sálvese quien pueda. Museum of the City, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Prometeo. Art Museum Raul Anguiano, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos (PUM), Salón ACME. General Prim 30, Mexico City..

Salón ACME No.4. Rafael Rebollar 95, Mexico City.

Reconstruction. A project from Abraham Cruzvillegas. Art Museum of Zapopan. Zapopan, Mexico. (31th. January-29th. May)


Imago Mundi. Luciano Benetton Collection. Giorgio Cini Foundation. Venice, Italy.

The Apparent Abolition of Appearances. Impronta Publishing House. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Why Do Not Call it Entropy? Tiro al Blanco Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Collective. Tiro al Blanco Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico.

At Troubled Waters.  Machete Gallery. Mexico City.


PAOS 01. Anual Program of Open Studios. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Tinitus and Fosfenos | From the Sound to the Visual. Art Museum of Zapopan. Zapopan, Mexico.

PARADISE IS AN ISLAND, SO IS HELL. Careyes Art Gallery. Nayarit, Mexico.

PAOS 00. TRAMA Centre, Guadalajara, Mexico.


Autumn Cultural Festival. CUCEA, Guadalajara University. Mexico.

-M2. Demetria Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Basic Forces. Museum of the City. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Gift and Whip. Juarez Room. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Creation in Movement 2009-2010. Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum. Mexico City, Mexico.

October Salon 2011. Ex convent of Carmen. Guadalajara, Mexico.

MIRROR. TRAMA Centre. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Creation in Movement 2009-2010. Painters Museum. Oaxaca, Mexico.

UMWELT. TRAMA Centre. Guadalajara, Mexico.


October Salon. Ex convent of Carmen. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Post-Pop-Corn. Mexico-Norteamericano Cultural Institute. Guadalajara, Mexico.


XII Young Hall of Visual Arts. Cultural Centre of Modern Art. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Young Promises of Visual Arts in Jalisco. Jorge Martinez Gallery. Guadalajara, Mexico.





Isa Carrillo / Uno obtiene el camino
Isa Carrillo / Fuera de los asuntos del mundo