Oso Parado


Works and live in Tulum Mexico. The work of Oso Parado is a reflection on modern life style. His work makes us question ¿Where are we going as a society? ¿What really we seek? Its parts analyzed the relationship between the primitive of man and the supposedly civilized.

With a sense of humor and the transgression of social symbols they are a core factor in his work. To achieve its objective, it handles techniques ranging from ceramics, video, painting, photography and installation. With them, it creates a language that makes us question social proposals that give Foundation to our current lifestyle.





Untitled Miami

Solo Show Tiro al Blanco GDl

Galería Tiro al Blanco  GDl Colectiva

Art Space 984 Tulum Mex  Colectiva

Maco Phot Art Fair


Smile Museum Brooklyn Ny  Colectiva

Salon Acme  DF Mexico  Colectiva


Art And Trust Fundation  Street View  Buenos Aires Argentina

Mexico Expo Urbana  Av Reforma

Open Studios 601  West Chelsea NYC



Jovenes Creadores Fonca Concaculta

Art & Trust  ARG