Adrián Guerrero

Guadalajara, Mexico, 1975

Lives and Works in Guadalajara. Architect. Masters Degree in Philosophy and Social Studies. Provides the Ceramic Sculpture workshop at the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Autodidact ceramist since 1990.

With a contemplative attitude and based on philosophic and architectural grounds, Adrian Guerrero builds his work from a phenomenological position. His pieces have distinguished themselves for being a continuous search of plots, logical structures and subjacent systems that depart from that which is simple, surprisingly small and ordinary. It is possible to translate his career as an ellipse that comes back again and again –in an updated manner- to the same journey, retaking concerns that have become a constant in his work. Without putting his passion for ceramics aside in any of its techniques, he creates pieces, objects and installations with diverse materials and mediums such as photography, video, drawing, sculpture and painting.